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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Life is full of little miracles, we just have to open ourselves up to what is actually around us. At times it is easy to not notice how amazing life is around us due to our hectic lifestyles many of us have created for ourselves.

Have you ever been guilty of saying that life sucks and you are praying for a miracle? Would you be shocked if I told you that little miracles were all around you every day but you are just not looking in their direction? It’s true, they are there and they are happening here, there, and everywhere.

Our little miracles in life are what makes life an enjoyable experience–a bonus to coming here to live out our mission and purpose. I guess you could say it’s like icing on the cake, but if you are not open to how simple they are, you probably won’t believe me. At times, we complicate things to a point of being ridiculous. Often we have the idea that miracles have to be like something out of a movie.............

So what does a little miracle look like? It isn’t just one type of thing. It ranges from the moment you look at your beautiful baby’s eyes for the very first time and you realize that love at first site really does exist and to listen to a child laughing, is there anything more beautiful? Or when you are having a really horrible day and you past someone on the street and all they do is give you a genuine smile and immediately you feel relief and a spark of joy in your heart.

A miracle is defined as an unexpected event attributed to divine intervention. It can be anything that the divine has sent to you in a form of comfort……fireworks don’t have to be going off or a person glowing with some holy light of some kind….but something that was sent for you in the form of comfort, inspiration, or guidance through any means that catches your attention, whether it be a person, a book, some kind of image, or just a strong feeling.

No matter what we think, even when things get difficult and you feel that any kind of divine source has forgotten about you, you have not been. Look around for the little miracles that have been sent just for you...............................MAY BE THEY ARE IN FORM OF FRIENDS THEY WILL CUM AND WILL HELP YOU ........TRUST YOURSELF AND BE POSITIVE FOR EVERYTHING THAT COMES ..........


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