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Friday, August 26, 2011

Message from Ascended Masters and Angels

“Do not be overwhelmed.
This is a time of great change.
Observe. Be Aware. Be Alert.
Take one step at a time.

Follow what is in your heart.
You will understand what your direction is to be.

Truth, Simplicity and Love
is the guide for living in this world.
Observe change through the teachings of
Truth, Simplicity and Love.

The unreal cannot overwhelm the real.
Great change cannot overwhelm the real.

Your strength is greater
Your heart is greater
Your higher self is greater.

The change passes, fades into nothing.
The real remains, eternal, observing.
Attach to the real

Follow what is in your heart
and overcome the change.

Change is the Law of the Universe.
The lower self is overwhelmed by change.
The higher self is unmoved, alert, aware, and unconditionally observing.

Understand this and rise above the unreal.”