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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Why is it so difficult for us to forgive others? Why do we find it so hard to let go?
Sometimes, even years after a certain incident; sometimes, even after they have apologized; sometimes, when they have hurt you unknowingly and have no idea that you are struggling to forgive them.


Because we are usually under the misconception that we will be doing them a favor by forgiving them.
That in fact, is not the case.
When we forgive someone, we actually do ourselves a huge favor because through forgiveness.

We release all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies that we are so desperately holding onto in our anger.

Replaying the moment again and again in our mind, torturing ourselves in so many ways.
It hurts us more than them, when we don’t forgive.

We find it hard to forgive because we think we are in the more powerful position when we hold back forgiveness.
Actually we are the weak ones, if that’s the kind of power we rely on to give us strength.
We are also not able to forgive because we take everything so personally.
Not everything another person does is done with the conscious intention of hurting you.
Sometimes they are just trying to protect themselves and that’s the best they way they know how to protect themselves.

Haven’t you heard of the saying ’The Best De fence is Offense’?
We need to give allowance to others for their insecurities and their imperfections without taking things personally.

So even if you do it for the most selfish of reasons, go ahead and forgive.
First, forgive yourself for holding onto the grudge for as long as you did.
Then, forgive the other person.


Friday, September 23, 2011


It’s extremely rare to find a successful person who whines, complains, and frets about his circumstances. This is despite the fact that he may have overcome great obstacles to achieve his level of success. On the other hand, it’s extremely common for struggling individuals to continually blame their circumstances for their lack of joy and happiness.

The real question is: what came first – the attitude or the success? The answer, in virtually all cases, is that the winning, positive attitude came first, followed by a lifetime of success.

All it takes is a simple decision; the decision to stop yourself from falling into the habit of complaining about your circumstances. At first it may be difficult even funny to observe how often you complain.

Habits can be hard to break. But in this case, it’s well worth the effort. As an excuse of complaint comes to mind, gently shoo it away. Don’t worry about it too much. You’ll quickly get used to the nicer feelings that come from a life without complaints.  

Friday, September 9, 2011


One positive thinking exercise that is simple to do every day is positive affirmation. An affirmation is something positive that you say to something that is already happening, and it can be a useful tool to use to shift the way that you think from negative to positive. What you do is come up with a few statements like “I am creating a beautiful day for me ” or “money and success are attracting  towards me” and spend some time every morning and every night if you can saying them aloud or keep thinking about them..............

You should try to come up with different statements that apply and make the most sense to you, you must also state them in present tense, and in a positive way. This can be very effective. Listen to positive music everyday is quite effective. It can be anywhere, it can be in your room or even in the car. The car is a great place to listen to this kind of music.

This is a great place because many people tend to spend a lot of their time on the road. You should try to listen to music that you feel is inspiring and you feel good while listening to it. A good idea would be purchasing motivational personal development CD.

Another activity would be to make a whole bunch of positive images and surround yourself with them. These types of images can be anything from famous quotes to inspiring pictures or you can even make use of the affirmations that you make and write them down on cards. However you should always have physical reminders of things you think are positive close by at all times.


1.Positive thinking means you replace all negative thoughts with hopeful, faith-filled thoughts. You dwell on the good, not the bad. You talk about what is right, not what is wrong. You focus on the possibilities and not on the losses. You keep on practicing and practicing this step until it becomes a part of you.

2.Positive thinking must be reinforced with positive actions. If you have a solid foundation and genuinely believe for the best and not the worst, you are ready to step out and take some positive action. Knock on those doors and keep knocking until one opens up for you. Keep looking until you find what you are looking for. Persist and stay focused on the goal.

3. Finally, positive thinking requires persistence and resilience. Your faith will sometimes wane. You will be tempted to get negative. You might be tempted to think, This is not working, what is the point? But it does work. It is not simply a formula; it is a genuine power that has creative influence in the world and in our lives. If you fall, get back up again. Renew your faith. Practice positive thinking. Act on it and you will succeed!

You can be positive for life, and it begins with your beliefs. Just believe that life is good. Today is a new day. That means we have new opportunities to learn, grow, love, and laugh. It means we have new mercies and a clean slate to start fresh. Let us stay positive and hopeful. Let us make the best of today and enjoy it!